TW4400 Drawn ARC Stud Welder - 5/8" Max Stud Diameter

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  • Adjustable weld time, weld current, gas purge time for a wide range of process control.
  • Supervisor lockout by key so settings aren't changed.
  • Great short cycle performance on thick and thin base materials.
  • Two handle lift for practical portability.
  • TW4400 Stud Job Counter that can be reset for every job. 

The SC1100 is a fully integrated stud welding system for ferrule-shielded and gas-shielded drawn arc stud welding. The SC1100 contains digital controls for weld time, weld current, and gas purge time. The system was designed to be a perfect fit for shop and shipboard use, welding up to 5/8″ studs. This is all contained in a compact, portable package.

Included with Complete System:
1100 Amp Power Supply Controller, TWE19000 Light Duty stud gun, 25 feet of #1 AWG combo cable, and 15 feet of #1 AWG ground cable with clamp.


SC1100 Brochure/Spec Sheet

SC1100 Manual