Jobsite Stud Welding

Jobsite Stud Welding is our specialty.  Thru-Deck, Deformed Bar Anchors, Bridge Girders, Embed Plates, Shear Walls, Sheet Pile or H Piles, Curtain Walls and more!  If you need studs shot, we can handle it!  Click here to visit Elrod Stud Welding's jobsite page and give us a call at (800) 936-1948 to schedule one of our crews for your next project.  We Are The Southeast's Premier Stud Welding Company!

With millions of studs shot in the field, Elrod Stud Welding is the most trusted name in jobsite stud welding and we are ready to mobilize to your job site or shop. Our Field Generators comply with all current EPA Emission and Noise standards. We specialize in Thru-Deck Shear Stud Installation, Deformed Bar Installation, Shear Stud Installation on Bridges, Boiler Repair, Refractory Anchor Installation, and Insulation Fasteners.