1/2-13" Stainless Steel Partial Thread ARC Studs

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  • Sold in quantities of 100 each.
  • Pitch Ferrule is recommended for this stud.
  • All Arc Studs and Pins are reduced approximately 1/8" in length after welding for diameters up to 1/2" weld base diameter and approximately 3/16" for 5/8" weld base diameter studs and larger. 
  • All Arc Studs are rolled to UNC-2A for male threads:  UNC-2B for Female.  
  • Studs of 3/16" dia. and larger are loaded with solid flux which is accurately positioned to .010 of center
  • Arc Ferrules are provided for all Arc Studs and Pins as an integral component of the specific fastener required.