1/2" Headed Concrete Anchors

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  • 1/2" Headed Concrete Anchors are most commonly used on embed plates and for composite applications at bent plate/pour stop to anchor the building's edge to the concrete.  They can be welded to a flat surface or to the inside or outside of an angle.
  • For 3/4" thru 1" Diameters, see Headed Shear Connectors.
  • Ferrules - All ARC Weld Studs are supplied with the correct ferrule for your application. If you do not see the ferrule that fits your application select "other" then after you check out we will contact you or you can give us a call at (800) 936-1948 or email us.  We'll then help you decide what ferrule you'll need for your application.
  • Ferrule types are F (Standard Duty), C (Collar Stud), FHD (Heavy Duty) TD (Thru Deck), P (Pitch Diameter Stud), R (reduced Base) FHDS (Heavy Duty Special) V (Vertical)& A (Angle Ferrule)
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