TWi-250CP CD Stud Welder - 1/4" Capacity (Best Choice for Cuphead Pins)

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  • The TW-i series of capacitor discharge stud welders incorporates the latest solid state technology into a compact, light-weight, and rugged CD stud welder. This full line of equipment is capable of welding pins, cuphead pins, and CD studs ranging from 14-gauge up to 3/8” full-flanged stainless steel studs.

    TWi Manual

    TWi Spec Sheet 

  • Features/Included

    • —NEW FEATURE— Intuitive Touchscreen Interface with Preset values for fast, accurate, and repeatable weld settings
    • —NEW FEATURE— Set-Point Discharge: Unit discharges directly to a new set point without needing to discharge completely
    • —NEW FEATURE— Universal Input Voltage: Plug and play, no need to re-tap the machine for 110V or 220V input voltages
    • —NEW FEATURE— Low input voltage capability enables operation with long extension cords
    • —NEW FEATURE— Contact and Trigger Indicators for fast troubleshooting of hand tool and weld cable maintenance issues
    • —NEW FEATURE— Thermal and Voltage protection indicators to protect the unit from damage due to overheating or poor input power
    • Rigid internal construction minimizes the possibility of components coming loose during rough handling or operations
    • Sheet metal is powder-coated for greater durability, texture, and appearance.
    • Hand tool has been ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue for increased welding efficiency
    • Hand tool has an adjustable internal spring to apply the correct spring pressure for every welding application
    • Hand tool can be configured for "B" collets, "CI" collets, Euro collets, or standard tapered chucks
    • The TWi-250CP unit weighs less than most other available models for ease of carrying.

TWi-250CP Specifications

  • Size/Dimension:
    14” L, 10.5” W, 11.5” H
    356mm x 267mm x 292mm
  • Weight (not including gun and cables):
    18 lbs.
  • Capacitance:
  • Weld Energy:
    1520 Watt-seconds
  • Weld Range:
    14 gauge through 1/4" stainless
  • Duty Cycle:
    18 studs per minute @ 1/4" settings
  • Primary Power:
    85-250 VAC, 6.0-2.0A, 50/60Hz
    10A Fast Acting Fuse
  • Charge Voltage:
    35-200 VDC